Studying abroad is often considered a life-changing experience, giving students the opportunity to learn new things while exploring their interests in a different environment. Known for its vibrant city life as well as its rich culture and history, Montreal can offer young international students an unforgettable study abroad adventure—full of personal and academic growth.

Going to a new high school can sometimes be intimidating, so ensuring proper support is essential. Large and successful English-speaking school boards, like Lester B. Pearson, can provide international students with the support they need to succeed during their high-quality high school education.

This blog post will introduce key ways in which Montreal’s high schools can provide your child with a positive and memorable educational experience!


Achieve Success through a Student-Focused Education

Great high schools prioritize students by focusing on their individual needs. This means providing a student-focused education that relies on innovative teaching—introducing new techniques designed to give students the best education possible. In this way, your child can benefit from hands-on learning, applying their knowledge and skills in fun and challenging ways.
In Montreal, international students can explore bilingual education programs as well as international baccalaureate (IB) programs. In addition to being internationally-recognized, their strong education allows them to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (“STEAM” subjects). Through this wide range of subjects, your child can develop useful skills—increasing their curiosity while improving their critical thinking and collaboration skills.

With over 40 elementary and secondary schools, Lester B. Pearson has the highest five-year graduation rate in the province of Quebec. By applying this student-focused philosophy, dedicated teachers can help international students achieve success and reach their academic goals.


Through a student-focused teaching approach, each pupil can reach their full potential


Explore a Wide Range of Extracurricular Activities at High School in Montreal

Students attending an English secondary school in Montreal also benefit from having a variety of extracurricular activities to choose from. For example, students interested in sports can participate in soccer, hockey, or basketball after school. They can also join school plays, drama clubs, robotics clubs, and even Model UN!

Here, your child can pursue their interests in a fun, multi-cultural environment—becoming part of the school or local community. Through field trips and school outings, international students can gain unique cultural experiences that help them learn about their new surroundings. Having this space to grow and discover new interests and cultures allows students to boost their self-confidence and independence. It can even help them build an impressive college resume that showcases their eagerness to learn, participate, and achieve.  


International students in Montreal can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities


Receive Support through Student Services and Accommodations

Student services and accommodations make up a big part of your child’s student life experience. With Lester B. Pearson, your child will receive an orientation session once they arrive, connecting them with guidance counsellors to ease their transition. The School Board also offers ESL classes to help those who need additional language support feel more confident while attending high school in Montreal.
International students can also make use of the school’s dorm accommodations, including meals, transportation, as well as access to gym facilities and game rooms to complete their student experience after school. In this safe and nurturing environment, your child can get the support they need while making meaningful friendships with those around them. Those seeking a stronger cultural experience can also stay with a Canadian host family, receiving support from a caring household.


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